What is MobileCoin?

MobileCoin is a hyper-fast, sustainable and private cryptocurrency designed to be used in everyday transactions, including for art payments. The public blockchain is encrypted to ensure privacy: only the sender and receiver can see the details of the transaction. MobileCoin is an unrivaled cryptocurrency designed to be fast and secure enough to be used for mobile transactions. Check out this short Kurzgesagt Video about us.

Can I use MobileCoin to buy art?

Absolutely. You can use MOB to buy and support artists.

How do I accept MOB for art?

You accept MOB in Signal Messenger by activating payments or downloading the MobileCoin Desktop Wallet here. You can also accept MOB on Mixin (within the US) or FTX (internationally).

Where can I buy MOB?

USA: on Mixin Messenger. Check out this easy step by step guide. Internationally: Ftx.com or Buymobilecoin.com

How do I store and send MobileCoin?

You can keep your MobileCoin in your MobileCoin Desktop Wallet or Mixin Wallet. To send a transaction simply click Send, enter the receiver’s public key address, select amount and click send.

Why use MOB instead of another cryptocurrency?

There is no other cryptocurrency that is designed to offer both the privacy and speed expected for payments while being carbon negative and committed to supporting artists.

MobileCoin is an accessible, secure, and sustainable payments system that anyone across the globe can use. The best way to create this technology is via a new cryptocurrency and encrypted blockchain. The MobileCoin Foundation provides governance for the MobileCoin Protocol in order to help solve the most important aspects of any modern payment system: Privacy, Transaction Speed, Energy Consumption, and Optimization for Mobile. MobileCoin is a simple, secure and private currency utility and we are the first of our kind.

How do taxes work if I accept MOB as payment for art?

When you sell art for MOB, you pay taxes the same as you would when you sell art for USD, GBP or any other fiat. If you choose to hold onto MOB and it appreciates, you should speak with your accountant about capital gains taxes. Feel free to reach out for a recommendation of a crypto + art accountant.

What is MobileCoin’s energy consumption compared to other cryptocurrencies?

While other blockchains take as much energy to run an entire country, you could power ALL of transactions on the MobileCoin Protocol with the same energy needed to power a few households. MobileCoin technology uses the Federated Byzantine Agreement instead of Proof of Work thus the node servers are mostly idle – they only wake up to do work when there is work to be done, saving enormously on energy consumption. And now, thanks to the MobileCoin community, MobileCoin is the first carbon negative cryptocurrency. You can read a more technical explanation here.

What is MobileCoin's ticker symbol?

MOB. It is pronounced “mobh”, like “globe” or the beginning of “mobile”.

What Blockchain does MOB use?

MobileCoin is a blockchain that stores your transactions and every transaction on the blockchain is encrypted. Only the counterparties in that transaction can decrypt the transaction. For everyone else the amount, sender and receiver are hidden. MobileCoin is a carbon negative blockchain, which means for every one unit of carbon we create ten units of carbon are donated to renewable energy. Read more here.

Do you have another question?

Write us at art@mobilecoin.com